Basis Informational & Technological Systems
Focus on your business.
We handle your IT&C needs.

The digital tools used to support your organization become even more complex. As complexity increases, everything must fit seamlessly together.

BITS consistently aggregates over 70 software and hardware tools, services and suppliers into one single product.

See what your company's future IT systems look like:

Simplify Controlling with a Single Page Invoice.

Different IT and Services providers invoice you monthly, at different times, different amounts. BITS reduces complexity that intensifies as your business grows.

Here are a few of the main benefits:

  • A Single Page Monthly Invoice
  • Controlling done through SLAs
  • Reduced accounting costs
  • Subscription-based fixed-price per user
  • Predictable cash flow
  • One-stop-Shop, All-inclusive IT&C Services
  • Single Support Touch Point
What our clients are saying
Eleonore M.

“We changed our whole infrastructure in our 10 people office. Everything just works!”

Andreas C.

“Switched to BITS in no time and dropped our IT Accounting time by more than 10 hours monthly.”

Miriam F.

“Literally no more time spent contacting our services providers related to communications and software.”

Jonathan B.

“Fluctuating teams no longer a tedious task. We order quickly a new workspace like ordering paper.”

About us
The goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play - A.C. Clarke

We believe time is the single reference currency for anything else. One IT product covering essential needs, unlocks more time for deep thinking about what really matters.

By consolidating technology,
we provide time for our partners.

Gain more time for your business.