Time is scarce. Everything else can be gathered or bought. Technology should unlock us more time than we ever had.

We need it for our families, our communities, our professions and our own thoughts


The complexities of how digital systems interact and work should't be opaque.

That is why we aggregate everything IT and keep it simple - one product covering all your base informational backbone needs.


We realized that not all IT related costs can be easily tracked due to a mix of accounting rules and organizational design.

We created a product that makes it simple to estimate your total digital costs and Cash Flow impact for at least one year in advance.

Created by Oleksandr Panasovskyifrom the Noun Project

Team size fluctuations must not impact your budgets. Our approach allows a subscription based model on a per user basis with easy enrollment / dis-enrollment.

No pre-notice period, no questions asked.


We are constantly developing new mechanisms, tools and enhancements to better prepare your organization for the future.

We won't charge you extra, unless you ask us.

Meet Us

Work and play have never been so indistinguishable as in our time, making transitions between these states hard to grasp sometimes.

We believe our work has the potential to impact the time saving for anyone involved. This is why everyone in the KIR.Digital community is a stakeholder and their needs have our full attention.