BITS Pricing
95€ /user/month.
  • Email Address & Aliases
  • Email Security & Automatic Backup
  • Mail Archive
  • MSO365 + Licence management
  • Antivirus + Firewall + WebProtection
  • Domains management
  • User Rights Management
  • Datacenter Storage
  • Hosted File Management Service
  • Network monitoring
  • Updates Management
  • Software Contracts Management
  • EndPoint Services Management
  • Print & Scan Server
  • Enforced Password Policy
  • Support - 10 units*/month/company
  • & Consulting
BITS Extras
Pay only for what you need.

User based subscription

BITS is compatible and works best with hardware, communication tools, and office systems that are fully integrated.



From 45€ /user/month
Desktop or/& Laptop
Lenovo, MS Surface or MAC
Keyboard & Mouse
Screens & Docking Station
Asset Management & Updates
Always Up To date Tools
Warranty and Exchange



From 45€ /user/month
Smartphone or/& Tablet
SIM + Number
Business Policies
User Management
Apps Management
Contracts Management
Planned Updates
Samsung or Apple
Google/Apple IDs Management
Privacy Tools
Straight forward infrastructure.

Location based subscription

Infrastructure for your main office, secondary locations or temporary spaces like containers, boats or events.

Bring your network wherever you go without compromising security and convenience.

Office Network

From 45€ /month
WiFi & LAN Infrastructure*
Internet Connection (O)
ISP Contract Management (O)
Connection monitoring
Backup line (O)

 * - Based on office plan layout.
O - Optional

Mobile Office Network

45€ /month
Full company network infrastructure for containers, mobile offices or Home Office complete with Internet Connection.

Office based subscription

Get an integrated printer into your newly set up system. Printing over quota charged separately.

A4 printer

25€ /month

Incl: B/W: 200 400 pages, Service and automatic cartridge ordering.

A3 printer

95€ /month

Incl: B/W 600 800 pages, Color 200 500 pages, Service and automatic cartridge ordering.

Extra Support Packages.

Company subscription

If you would like more support time available, select a discounted package. Packages are per company and distributed automatically among their teams, as needed.

Each company receives with BITS 10 Support units/month/company, 1 Unit = 30 minutes.
Unit rate is 62.5€.

10 Units

625€ 599€ /month (save 4%)

20 Units

1250€ 999€ /month (Save 20%)
XAAS pricing
Custom pricing for
proffesional needs.

BITS was created to be as complete as it should, if your business needs custom X As A Service let's talk about it.

Simplify your IT&C bit by bit, today!
All prices are excluding VAT.