Complexity can be simplified.

Digital systems unite multiple components - hardware devices, software and licenses, web-apps, communication providers, network infrastructure.

They have different providers needing proper contract management, system administration knowledge, multiple industries know-how.

These components must also work perfect together so you and your teams can focus on your core business, without distraction from challenging drawbacks like:

  • Increased Accounting and Controlling costs.
  • Managing contracts costs time and requires expertise.
  • Maintenance and updates require know-how.
  • Security threats and loose ends increase risk.
  • Downtime affecting the whole company.
  • Understanding new Features.
  • Keeping up with the trends is a job.
Single Page Invoice
One product. One contract. One invoice.

Most SME's use similar digital tools to support their business, however they all juggle the multitude of contracts and partners. You pay the electricity bill, without getting involved in managing transport, infrastructure and multiple energy production facilities.

The same should be for your Digital Systems.

BITS brings everything together, all those IT services into One Page Invoice monthly with predictable and transparent costs.

Single Point Support
One Support contact
for all your Digital needs.

As your employed systems become more and more complex, with ever-changing rules, technologies, and interactions, the time resource cost increases too.
And we really cannot get back time.

Internet not working? Forgotten password? Lost device? New employee joining your company? Files accidentally deleted? Opening a new office? Heard of some new app or device and you want an informed opinion before adoption?

You only have to ask for Support in one place.

  • Automatisierte Überwachung von Assets.
  • 24/7 Netzwerk-Überwachung.
  • Prädiktive Instandhaltung.
  • Updates außerhalb der Geschäftszeiten.
  • Ausfallzeitbegrenzung mit Backup-Leitungen.
  • Monatliche Systemverbesserung.
  • Sicherheitsüberwachung rund um die Uhr.
  • Klare Arbeitsprozesse.
Automated Maintenance
Your tools should work for you not the other way around.

The systems that run your data can be time-expensive to maintain, update and they have to work together well and in a secure environment.

BITS is designed in a versatile and modular manner so it can adapt fast to changes without affecting your business or impacting your budgets.


BITS seamlessly aggregates over 70 tools and suppliers into one product. Here are the main components:

Work Software

  • Productivity tools
  • Multi OS management
  • Mobile OS management
  • Mobile Apps management
Network and Infrastructure

  • Hardware and Devices
  • Office Network infrastructure
  • Cloud managed network
  • Mobile offices/ Home Office
  • Managed services
  • Cloud Services
Communication and hardware

  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • Laptops & gadgets
  • ISP services, Telephony
  • Integrated email and domain services
Reduction in

IT/Digital costs by up to 40%.
Invoices processing by over 90%.
Unexpected Cash Flow impact.
Time spent troubleshooting.


Speed of deployment.
Fast New Team enrollment.
Tools Efficiency.
Integration between various tools.

Outsourced risks

Hardware failure risks.
Core systems risks.
Cloud & Server.
Service downtime.

Minimize security threats

Permanent monitoring.
Constant updates.
Web protection & Antivirus.
Security policies.

Invest more time in your clients.
BITS will cover your Digital needs.