Increase Accounting costs.

  • Invoice processing
  • Payments management
  • Cost center allocation

    Managing contracts costs time and requires expertise

  • SLAs management
  • Asset management
  • Contract tracking on par with technical changes
  • Legal costs for specialized consultants
  • Lock-in risks when purchasing a service

    Managing the tools specifications and updates costs time and money

  • Tools and service integrations management
  • Matching required outcomes with required tech specs
  • Best alternative research
  • Deployment and modularization to minimize workflow interruptions
  • Time consuming
  • Process redesign to match employed digital tools

    Security risks and loose ends

  • Weakest component bares risk on the whole environment
  • Matching security rules across all tools used
  • Security procedures implementation

    Keeping up with the trends and new developments is a job in itself.

  • New tools development speed may create competitive disadvantages
  • Fast changes in regulations can add or retract services overnight